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The night Canada stood still

book cover image: the night Canada stood still: how the 1995 Quebec referendum nearly cost us our country

On October 30, 1995 the country stood still, frozen to television sets, watching the Quebec Referendum. 

Across the country we held a collective breath.  Would we, by morning, be a separated country.  Predictions were that the vote would be close. 

We won by the narrowest of margins.  50.56% of Quebecers voted to remain part of Canada.  A strong 49.44% voted to separate.  Long gone was the confidence we had five years earlier when Pierre Elliott Trudeau  led us to a resounding Federal victory.  We would remain one country. 

In 1985 that confidence was shaken to its core.

The drama and intrigue of that fateful night is revisited in Robert Wright's The night Canada stood still : how the 1995 Quebec referendum nearly cost us our country

This is a time in our history that is worth revisiting. 

If it is a new story for you - perhaps you were to young at the time to appreciate what was actually happeninng - all the more reason for you to read about the vote that determined the path of Canadian history.  

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