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The Cosmos

book cover image: my brief history

We are definitely living in a time of miraculous discovery and accomplishment. As you know, scientists (with an amazing support crew) have just succeeded in having the Rosetta lander (Philae)  actually land on a comet. 

The concept of this scientific milestone is really, as they say, mind boggling. 

Rosetta took off from Earth 10 years ago, aboard an Ariane 5 rocket, and traveled a total of 6.4 billion miles before rendezvousing with the comet in August. 

With the cosmos so very much in our minds you might be interested in reading Stephen Hawking's My Brief History (or listening to the Word CD version or down loading it as an E-book or E-Audio book). 

This is the time that Hawking has turned his gaze from the cosmos to his inner self. 

If you have followed Hawking's career you will know that  he was diagnosed with ALS (Amyotropic lateral sclerosis) in 1963 and he was given two years to live. 

This early death prediction urged him onward and he subsequently achieved, amongst many accomplishments, numerous intellectual breakthroughs and the amazing feat of teaching and public speaking, into his now late 70's. 

Today, Hawking is regarded as one of the most brilliant theoretical physicists since Einstein and he is founder of the Centre for Theoretical Cosmology at Cambridge. 

Some of Hawking's previous works include A Brief History of Time (one of the iconic books of the twentieth century) in multiple formats.

For the general reader, like myself, with less of a scientific bent, there is A Briefer History of Time and the very popular The Universe in a Nutshell (also available on Word CD). 

All in all, this is great reading that will keep you amazed and in awe of Hawking's personal observance of his inner space and his leading role in our collective observance of outer space. 

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