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Have a tech-healthy family

book cover image: IRules: what every family needs to know about selfies, sexting, gaming, and growing up

There is no denying that technology has advanced us into a day and age where almost everything we do centers around usage of a technological device. It has changed the way we work and the way we play. 

However, both good and bad behaviours are still out there, possibly even more so in cyberspace where identities can be easly masked.  This has created a playing field that really knows no limits. 

Parents today are now challenged with making sure that their children understand the risks when they make an internet connection so that they stay safe in both the real world and cyberspace. 

Janell Burley Hofmann's new book iRules: what every tech-healthy family needs to know about selfies, sexting, gaming and growing up is a must read guide to help you through these often unknown and foreign waters. 

With so much at stake you can't really afford to postpone learning (and teaching) whatever you can to keep your family tech-healthy.

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