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Can you beat a disease with a diet?

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The Wahls Protocol by Terry Wahls, M.D.

Doctor Terry Wahls used to run marathons and climb the mountains in Nepal.

She earned a black belt in tae kwon do and won a bronze medal in women’s full contact free sparring at the trials for the 1978 Pan American Games in Washington, DC.

For many decades she ignored her symptoms and finally in the year 2000 she has been diagnosed with MS. Within a few years her health quickly declined.

Confined to a wheel chair she realized that conventional medicine is failing her. There was no improvement in her health  and she was going to be bedridden soon. 

It happened at that time that she met a neurologist who was an active proponent of a diet change for his patients. His son, who also had MS, health improved greatly after such a change.

She had to review scientific literature to convince herself that diet has a major impact on our health.

In her journey to health she discovered Functional Medicine. Slowly she incorporated a diet change and a lot of supplements according to its principles.

The results came quickly.  After few months she was able to walk without a cane. While she was working on her individual diet, she realized that all the diseases are the same on a cellular level.

Invited to TED talks, she delivered an amazing session called "Minding Your Mitochondria."

Dr. Wahls developed what is now called the Wahls protocol. In her book The Wahls Protocol. How I beat progressive MS using Paleo principles and functional medicine, Dr. Wahl tells her personal story, gives a great description of health and its lack – a disease and explains her protocol.

The book is a great resource for anybody who cares enough about their health. You will find there great advice on diet including some recipes, description of some important supplements and samples of everyday exercises not to mention Dr. Wahls very inspirational and motivating story.