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The last best cure

book cover image

The last Best Cure: My quest to awaken the healing parts of my brain and get back my body, my joy and my life

Donna Jackson-Nakazawa for many years was coping with a rare autoimmune disease, Guillan-Barre syndrome.

She made a slow progress  with  the help of drugs and physiotherapy just to fall again ill. The second recovery was much more difficult.

Then she met a young doctor who suggested a one year experiment: a healing plan which focuses on body-mind therapies since the brain maybe our last best cure.

Donna does her own research on neuroscience and one area which intrigued her in particular: psychoneuroimmunology or PNI. She learns that mental and emotional state plays a critical role in our physical condition.

The PNI researchers proved that body-mind approaches like meditation, mindfulness, yoga, specific breathing patterns, and acupuncture among others alter activity in our brain, which shift our immune response, hormone markers and levels of various inflammatory chemicals.

She learns about the impact of childhood trauma on adult health. After deciding on mind-body therapies with her doctor Donna starts meditation.

Later she adds laughter yoga and yoga, exercises and acupuncture and she writes about her journey to health and happiness.

The last Best Cure. My quest to awaken the healing parts of my brain and get back my body, my joy and my life is the book documenting her discoveries and health improvement.

After the experimental year her health changed so significantly that it stunned her doctors.

This inspirational, uplifting book can be a great motivation to all of us to use simple but powerful body-mind techniques, to take our health in our hands.