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Hayman Court

Hayman Court photo

A 1.5 Million Dollar Apartment:

Hayman Court,  274 Queens Avenue, London Ontario 1914

In 1914, "Hayman Court", a four-storey building with 29 units located along the north side of Queens Avenue and extending north on the east side of Wellington Street, was completed by John Hayman and Sons at a cost of $92,400. 

In today's figures, that amount would be over $1.5 million.  In January 1909, the Hayman firm completed London's first apartment building, the Victoria, at 285 Queens Avenue near Wellington Street.  The total cost of the land and building was $25,100. 

One acquaintance told John, "People will never live in those boxes."  Ernest E. Donovan, a superintendent at the Murray Shoe Company, paid the first rental cheque for $30 for unit # 7 on the fourth floor.  Rents on the ground floor were $36 a month. 

All eight units of the Victoria were rented by March 1st, 1909. 


Hayman Court photo

"Hayman Court", ca 1918, photo by Edgar J. Sanders, London, Ontario