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Kitchen cures

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Revolutionize Your Health with Foods that Heal

In her book Kitchen Cures Peggy Kotsopoulos,  Toronto based television personality and holistic nutritionist, describes the effect of food on mood, weight, beauty and health in general in four consecutive chapters.

The food we eat can affect our spirit, emotions and our physical body. Through what we ingest we can nourish or starve and toxify  ourselves. What we eat affects our brain and is partially responsible for our stress response. Did you know that we crave foods when we are stressed?

Lack of proper carbs, sugars and minerals may cause food cravings. Unfortunately reaching for wrong type of food nutritionally void and high in refined carbs and sugars will only worsen the symptoms…

Each chapter brings a lot of information on different health conditions, key nutrients necessary to alleviate them and top foods one should consider to use.  There is a lot of highlighted tips, advices and interesting facts.

The last chapter provides recipes for delicious and healthy meals: smoothies, spreads, salads, soups, main dishes and desserts. A long list of resources provides addresses of health food and supplements stores.