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Lincoln's Bishop

book cover image: Lincoln's bishop

A president, a priest, and the fate of 300 Dakota Sioux warriors

Gustav Niebuhr's new book Lincoln's bishop : a president, a priest, and the fate of 300 Dakota Sioux warriors is a little known but fascinating and important story of an event that occured as the result of the power relationship once shared by church and state. 

The key players were President Abraham Lincoln and Episcopal bishop, Henry Benjamin Whipple and details Lincoln's decision to spare the lives of  Sioux men sentenced to die by a military tribunal in Minnesota for warfare against white settlers.

The one state leader that objected was Bishop Whipple who championed the cause of the Native Americans.

Having familiarized himself with the fate of these native Americans at the hands of corrupt government officials and businessmen, Whipple pleaded with Lincoln to extend mercy. 

Lincoln listened.  Lincoln saved their lives. 

This is a rare story of Lincoln's many humanitarian acts as President of the United States and it is a moving, emotional and heart-warming tale. 

Niebuhr brings to life this little known story and the Bishop, Henry Benjamin Whipple, the man who stood up against many foes to defend justice and morality. 

A highly recommended read.