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….to a free public lecture by Alberto Manguel!

Join us at Museum London on Thursday, Mar. 5th from 6:30 – 7:30 pm for Don't You See What I mean? or Putting Thoughts Into Words

We become human through language. We come into the world recognizing the stories that surround us and trying to put these stories into words.
But language is a weak tool and rarely manages to communicate what it is we want to say. What are the obstacles to making ourselves understood,
and how can we overcome them in a society in which the intellectual act holds no prestige?

Alberto Manguel is a Canadian writer, a scholar of language and literature, and a translator. A collector of more than 30,000 books, Manguel has built his personal library renovated from a medieval church in South France. While attending high school in Argentina, he was asked by the blind Jorge Luis Borges, the famous poet and writer, to read to him. Manguel would rather define himself as a reader first.

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This lecture is sponsored by the Society of Graduate Students and Public Humanities at Western.  For more information, please contact 

Alberto Manguel’s latest book, Curiosity, comes out in March, 2015.  Until then, check out some of his other titles!

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