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Mango Languages

Mango Languages

Have you ever wanted to learn a new language?  It is more convenient than you think. You may start learning right from your home in your computer.

From the London Public Library website choose "Research" section then select "Information Databases".  To locate Mango Languages, click on Language Learning or click "Browse by Name" then find Mango Languages from the alphabetically sorted list of databases.

Mango Languages is an interactive language learning program which will teach you basics for over 60 languages word by word and phrase by phrase. You will not only be learning everyday short conversations but also get some cultural information. You can even find the newly added Native American Cherokee language.

Mango Languages offers also English lessons for the ESL students. You can access Mango on your mobile device through free Mango app.

Don’t wait, check Mango Languages for work, vacations or fun.