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GMO OMG dvd cover

A documentary opening the Mother Earth celebration

What are genetically modified foods? Are they safe for us, for our environment? Are they the solution for world hunger? Why are they produced? Should they be labelled?

Join us on Wednesday, March 11 in the Wolf Performance Hall at 7 pm for the screening of a documentary GMO OMG. See Jeremy Seifert, director and a father, who goes on a journey to answer these and other questions.

This is the first of many events which celebrates Mother Earth Month at the library. We planned several programs in Central Library and some branches, which start on March 11 and end on May 13. All, along with some community events are listed on the flyers available in the libraries.

If you are interested in the topic of GMOs, you might like Genetic Roulette documentary or some books from our collection.

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