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Considering going vegan?

Fruits and vegetable in heart shape

We have a wide array of books and DVDs on the topic of vegan diet.

Many people go vegan for a variety of reasons from ethical and spiritual motivation to enhancing emotional and physical well-being. As there are arguments in favour of meat eating, consumption of animal flesh, especially in North America, has never been so high in the history of humanity.

Perhaps it's not such a bad idea to take a break from this habit and give your digestive system a break.

For those who need arguments against animal products in diet there is China Study by Colin Campbell. The book summarizes in  layperson language the results of the greatest study ever done on the human health and the effect of animal protein. If you want to follow Campbell’s recommendations we have LeAnne Campbell’s China Study Cookbook.

Dr. Neal Barnard who promotes preventive medicine also advocates whole food plant based diet. He is the author of Dr. Neal Barnard's program for reversing diabetes and most recently Power foods for the brain.

Forks over Knives is the title of an interesting documentary claiming that most of the modern day diseases can be stopped or even reversed by switching to a plant based diet. The film accompanies a book and a cookbook with the same title.

Planeat is a documentary which focuses on the consequences of our diet on our environment.

Other documentaries like May I be Frank, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, Simply Raw or Super juice me! are showing great curative health benefits from switching to a plant based diet. 

Raw food diet might be a version of veganism that would be appealing to some people. Raw food diet has its many shades too: Brian Clement advocates raw, live low sugar, low fat (Hippocrates Lifeforce), Gabriel Cousens applies principals on the Indian ayurvedic system to raw nutrition (Conscious Eating), Douglas N.Graham promotes frutarianism (The 80-10-10 Diet). Brenda Davis and Vesanto Melina, a couple of registered dieticians authored books called Becoming Vegan and Becoming Raw, which have become good guides for many starting on this path because veganism is not only about not eating animal products, it is about healthy diet.

Becoming Vegan

Forks over Knives


Forks over knives book

China study

 Dr. Neal Barnard's program for reversing diabetes

Hippocrates Lifeforce

Going raw

Super Juice me!

Conscious Eating

May I be frank dvd
Simply raw

Becoming Raw

fat sick and nearly dead
The 80 - 10 -10 diet

Forks over knives cookbook

The China Study Cook book