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How to build amazing soil in your garden


Wednesday, March 18, Central Library

"Permaculture is the conscious design of agriculturally productive ecosystems which have diversity, stability, and resilience of natural ecosystems" says Bill Mollison

Permaculture – a word naming this technique was originally created from two words: permanent and agriculture- was born in the late 1970. The founders, Bill Mollison and David Holmgren, after seeing the devastation caused by industrial farming, deforestation, overfishing etc.  introduced the gardening/farming  system which sustains and regenerates biodiversity and natural resources. Today permaculture also called forest gardening or edible landscaping is more and more popular all over the world. People transform not only their gardens but also roof tops, patios and balconies into food-producing sustainable gardens.

Join us for the first of the four talks, in the series on Practical Urban Permaculture on Wednesday, March 18 in the Stevenson & Hunt room A, Central Library at 7 pm called Play in the Dirt: How to build amazing soil and why it matters . Our local permaculture expert, Becky Ellis, will introduce us to this great method of gardening and explain the importance of healthy soil our and our environment health.

The following are the upcoming talks focussing on different aspects of gardening:

March 25 - Sowing Change: Everything you need to know about seeds- Practical Urban Permaculture series

April  22 - Wild Gardening: How to garden for wildlife and yourself-Practical Urban Permaculture series

April 29 - Bless the Bees: Why pollinators are suffering and what you can do about it- Practical Urban Permaculture series

These events are part of Mother Earth celebration. If you need more information on the related library and community events contact the library and check Mother Earth Month flyer .

If you are attracted to this method of gardening, you might like the following books from our collection:

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