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Disordered Eating 101

book cover image: skin and bones

Do you or someone you care about have an eating disorder? Do you really understand what that means, where eating disorders originate from, how diagnosis is made, and what you can do to help? For those of us who are not clinical dieticians wading through the endless streams of scientific knowledge to understand eating disorders is an over whelming process.

To complicate things, there has been so much learned in recent years - for instance how biology contributes to eating disorders - but the information can't help the person with the disorder or their significant others if it is laden with complex concepts and language. 

It is now also currently understood that a better understanding of the biology contriburing to symptoms can, in and of itself, make a major difference in overcoming an eating disorder.  Once you realize that symptoms are not wilful but driven by biology it can make a great difference in helping yourself or a loved one because just that fact alone can relieve a lot of frustrations around the behaviour.

Learn what you need to know and need to do to help, in plain simple language so you walk away feeling connected, confident and empowered to make a difference.

On Wednesday, May 20 Hope's Garden*will present Disordered Eating: 101: Myths, Facts and How to Help here at Central Library.

The program is free but seating is limited so please register on-line, by phone (519-661-5100) or in person to reserve your spot.

*Hope's Garden is a not for profit organization that provides supports and resources to those struggling with and affected by Eating Disorders.