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Modern Day Censorship

book cover: The new censorship: inside the global battle for media freedom

The times have changed. The world has changed.  Information resources have changed.  With the explosion in information resources there has been, as we know, an explosion in censorship of that information creating an information crisis.  Journalists are under threat and are imprisoned and killed in record numbers making the reporting of news a hazardous affair.  Do you ever wonder how much of what you hear or read reflects the complete story of what is happening at home and abroad. When journalists are subject to the whims and dictates of authoritarian governments, political pressure and terrorists how much information can they really get safely out?

Media freedom is essential if we are to grasp the global state of affairs of our global community.  To that end Joel Simon, the executive director of the Committee to Protect Journalists in his new book The New Censorship: Inside the global battle for media freedom has addressed all of these issues, and more, on the subject of media censorship.

If you truly want to understand the peril that independent media face around the world today you must read this book.  It is a distressing but eye-opening and important read.  Not to be missed.