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Swell Swimming (or Not)

90 years ago in late June 1925, municipal swimming pools in London began to provide free bathing suits to children without them.  75 years previous to this date, on May 30th, 1850, the London town council passed a by-law that stated," No person or persons shall bathe or swim in the river Thames, or any part or branch thereof, or any stream of water within or in front of the limits of the said town, between the hours of six o'clock A.M. and seven o'clock P.M., at any time of the year."  People had been swimming naked in the river at that time.  By 1879, the time limit for the by-law had been extended to 8 pm.  On January 9th, 1893, this by-law became Section 13 of By-Law No. 751 Relating to Public Morals which was then repealed on July 20th, 1914 and re-numbered as By-Law No. 4789.  The time limit was then extended to 9 pm and the following words were added - "without having a bathing costume."  On January 3rd, 1928, By-Law No. 4789 became Section 2 of By-Law  No. 8718-28 (also known as PW 6-28).  On November 5th, 1958, By-Law PW 6-28 was repealed because sections of the criminal code dealing with indecent exposure covered the same areas and rendered the by-law invalid.



Swimming in London, Ontario: 1925

Image source: Forty-Seventh Annual Report of the Public Utilities Commission. 1925, p.3.