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Language matters

book cover image: language matters

Language matters is not only an unequivocal statement it is the title of a documentary that asks questions such as "What do we lose when a language dies?".  From a remote island off the coast of Australia, where 400 aboriginal people speak ten different languages to many other countries around the world you will see and hear people fighting to save their language.  The importance of language goes beyond communication as it shapes our thoughts and emotions and determines our reality.  If you take away a person's language are you in fact robbing them of their identity?  The use of media to inform and teach us of the importance and uniqueness of language is a medium that can be enjoyed by all.   Grab your family and friends, even the children, lots of popcorn and sit down to witness beautiful scenery and the moving story of great people as they struggle to retain their language and therefore their social identities.  Everyone will benefit from watching this movie.