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Hitler's Minister of Propaganda

book cover image: Goebbels

With the 1992 discovery of the microfilmed Goebbels diaries in an archive in Russia and the resultant publising of a massive 29 volume German language edition Peter Longerich, a German history professor in London, is the first academic to fully utilize Goebbels' writings. This new access to information led to Longerich's new work Goebbels: A biography which traces Goebbels rise through the ranks to become Hitler's most trusted lieutenant and personally anointed successor. This is not easy reading. Nevertheless, it is fascinating and it has been said that it will be of great interest to historians and students of the Holocaust. I believe it will be fascinating reading to anyone who is intrigued by the workings of the human mind as the diaries afforded Longerich insight into the mind of one of history's greatest monsters over a chilling 30 year period. Perhaps the book should come with a label warning "this book contains mature subject matter-  reader discretion is advised" for the faint of heart such as myself. Let me know what you think!