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Bill 31, It's in effect

The Making Ontario's Roads Safer Act is now in effect.  The changes to Ontario's Highway Traffic Act include new safety measures for cycling, stiffer penalities for distracted driving and added safety for tow truck drivers.  I'm fine with any deterient that will make road safety a priority for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.  

Three key issues in the changes are heavily increased fines for distracted driving, a slow down and move over upon approaching working tow trucks, and a fine for drivers not keeping a metre distance from cyclists (when safe to do so) as well as fines for cyclists without a bike light or reflective material.

Distracted driving -  $490.00 and loss of three demerit points
Failing to slow down and move over for a working tow truck driver   - $490.00
Cycling -  No bike light or reflective material - $85.00

The road safety changes now in effect are significant and worth looking into. There are much more serious fines for novice and G1 and G2 drivers including license suspensions.  Both experienced and learning driver's will benefit from borrowing  from London Public Library a copy of The Official Driver's handbook, The Official Bus handbook, The Official Motorcycle handbook, The Official Air Brake handbook,The Official Truck handbookiDrive: road safety program (DVD), Street rider's Guide : street strategies for motorcyclists.

The life you save may be your own.