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Holistic Health and Healing

book cover image: The home reference to holistic health & healing

Are you looking to reduce stress, sleep better, improve your health, mood and mental acuity with natural remedies and therapeutic practices?  Well, look no further.  The founding member of the American Herbalist Guild, Brigitte Mars, has produced a new reference book called The Home Reference to Holistic Health and Healing:  Easy-to-Use Natural Remedies, Herbs, Flower Essences, Essential Oils, Supplements, and Therapeutic Practices for Health, Happiness, and Well-Being.  She offers time-tested remedies using herbs, vitamins, minerals and flower essences as well as therapeutic practices including yoga, aromatherapy and meditation to ease the symptoms of stress-related conditions.  The remedies and therapies outlined are designed to help you in your goal of improving your overall health and well-being.  A great resource and reference book to help you on your way to better health.