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City cycling made simple

book cover image: The urban cycling survival guide: need to know skills & strategies for biking in the city

Bicycles have an increasing presence in the city despite the fact that the city was not actually designed for high density bicycling on the streets. This increasing need to share the road between cars and cyclists can create an intimidating and even dangerous environment for cyclists.

The Urban Cycling Survival Guide: need-to-know skills & strategies for biking in the city is a straightforward pocket guide that helps cyclists negotiate all the challenges, obstacles, and rules that come with sharing the road.  Learn even the unspoken rules, tips for smart riding strategies and even how to pick the right bike.

This is an indispensable guide that can help make you enjoy biking in the city and help keep you safe.  Even just a little bit of extra knowledge or a tip here or there may make a big difference in your comfort and enjoyment level of cycling in the city.