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Karma, and more Karma

book cover image: healing ancestral Karma

A very large component of gaining and maintaining health is our ability to care and nurture the spiritual part of our being.  No matter what your current spiritual philosophy or practice, it is believed in many religions and faith systems that Karma has a direct impact on your life.The term "Karma Chameleon" was immortalized by Boy George and that phrase has actually been used by many key politicians in their public addresses.  Boy George said that you have to be true to yourself and you have to face alienation by standing up for something or Karma will retaliate.  John Lennon immortalized "Instant Karma's gonna get you" and said you need to be an active part of the human race, you have to recognize your brothers.

We have grown up with "Karma" as a relatively new construct in the western hemisphere but it is a long held part of Asian belief systems.  The word is a Sanskrit term meaning action or doing and the belief in Karma is held in Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism - actually almost all Indian religions.  In Christianity we have the proverb "you reap what you sow" and most likely, if I was to do the research I would find a similar belief as an integral part of most other religions.

Underscoring the philosophical foundation of Karma is that what you do affects what you happens to you, what you give is what you get.  This is specifically a fundamental part of Buddhism which holds with a definite belief in reincarnation and karma affecting that next incarnation.  Karma is also held to be intergenerational and can be passed on to generation after generation (the sins of the father springs to mind).

You know how to improve a new incarnation (if that is part of your belief system) but what can you do about karma being passed down to you from past generations?

Enter:   Dr. Steven Farmer a renowned author, soul healer and shamanic practitioner.  His newly released work Healing Ancestral Karma shows you how your life can be different by accessing the wisdom of all those who have come before you.  You will learn how to break the karmic cycle of your family and clear karmic baggage.  You will even learn how to heal hereditary traits and characteristics that have compromised your physical, emotional and mental health.

This is definitely a book worth reading, and for many of us worth owning.