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He almost got away

book cover image: That lonely section of hell: the botched investigation of a serial killer who almost got away

I can't admit to having read this book, because I haven't.  Personally, I get chills just thinking about the hideousness of serial killers and Robert Picton is right up there on the top of the list.  Ex-police officer, Lori Shenher is of a different constitution and in her stunning new book That lonely section of hell : the botched investigation of a serial killer who almost got away she gives her personal account of the mishandled investigation of missing and murdered women in Vancouver's infamous Missing and Murdered Investigation.  Despite her stronger constitution the case left her struggling for years with post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of her work on the case.  She tells the story from her first 1998 investigation into the increased number of missing women to her "harrowing" 2002 interrogation of convicted serial killer Robert Picton.  For those interested in true crime stories this is one that you can't miss.  For those of a weaker constitution, such as myself, maybe we should leave the reading to others and just rejoice in the fact that ultimately we got him.  He did not get away.