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When the dog meets the baby

book cover image: Good dog, happy baby : preparing your dog for the arrival of your child

Bringing a new baby home is an exciting time for everyone in the family.  With everyone cooing, cuddling and adoring the new arrival you need to make sure no one is left out of this momentous occasion and that includes the dog. Fido might be used to a lot more attention than he is going to get for the next few days and a new baby could present a rival.  Usually, most dogs, if they are not aggressive, are great with new babies, but why take a chance? Even the gentlest dogs can display non-aggressive but problematic behaviours.  In Michael Wombacher's new book Good dog, happy baby : preparing your dog for the arrival of your child you will learn what you need to know and need to do to make this a successful change in the family.  He provides a twelve-step process to prepare your dog for the new arrival including evaluating a dog's responsiveness and understanding the dog's adaptability to this change and the most common behaviour problems.  Borrow this book before you bring the baby home so you, and the pooch(es) can enjoy this beautiful and special time.