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Relationships - Are you struggling

book cover image: if someone says you completer me, run

You have read enough relationship building books that you feel like you could, or should, start a relationship counselling service... yet!  There it is. You are still struggling with your primary relationship and probably a few others as well.  What have you missed?  Well, coming from a not so unusual corner is one of today's relationship queens.   Whoopi Goldberg.  Goldberg offers this enticer "as one who has done it badly often, I might have some insight".  And insight she does have: from not living the life others want you to live to recognizing that marriage isn't for everyone and everything inbetween.  This envelope-pushing public figure will have you hooked from the start of If someone says "You complete me," run! : Whoopi's big book of relationships and you will not want to put it down.  If you have a happy, solid relationship you will love Goldberg's offering up on why that doesn't work for everyone.  If you are not quite so sure or so grounded you will certainly find yourself, and some real insights, in these pages.