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The ultimate winter survival handbook

book cover image: the ultimate winter survival

Tim MacWelch is a survival expert and his fourth book The Ultimate Winter Survival handbook : 157 winter tips and tricks brings you everything you need to survive harsh winters and extreme emergencies. The book covers practical hints for everyday, extreme issues and wilderness survival.  Everyday hints include practical advise such as driving on black ice to keeping your home warm and many other tips. Extreme issues include dealing with power outages to walking through a whiteout.  The wilderness survival tips are indispensable for adventurers who may find themselves stranded in the middle of nowhere.  If trekking through the woods in inclement weather appeals to you don't head out until you know how to build a snow cave, shoot a frozen rifle and make a fire in a snowstorm.  There is something for everyone in this book and on more than one occasion you will be nodding your head and thinking "good to know".