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An interesting debut....

Rebecca Whitney's debut novel The Liar's Chair is a psychological thriller detailing the twisted husband and wife duo David and Rachel. And when I call them twisted, I don't mean quirky. These two are full of rage, resentment, and are completely consumed by revenge. They HATE each other!

David is controlling and emotionally abusive. Rachel is unfaithful and incredibly self-destructive; traits that stem from a difficult childhood that is slowly revealed throughout the novel. This is probably the most dysfunctional fictional marriage I have encountered since Gone Girl.

So why are they together? Well, covering up a murder tends to create a bond between people. David won't allow something as trivial as Rachel's drunken hit and run ruin the facade of their perfect and successful lives. They have appearances to keep up!

But, when Rachel's remorse begins to interfere with their carefully constructed lies, David's cruelty takes a whole new turn....

This was an interesting yet disturbing read. It's dark. It's depressing. And you will hate all of the characters. It was a touch reminiscent of The Girl on the Train.