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Secret Service Agent to CIA Director - good deeds and misdeeds


book cover image: Disciples: the World War Ii missions of the CIA directors who fought for Wild Bill donovan

Four men.  Four Secret Service Agents.  Later, Four CIA directors.  Douglas Waller's new book Disciples : the World War II missions of the CIA directors who fought for Wild Bill Donovan : Allen Dulles, Richard Helms, William Colby, William Casey.  Get comfortable, put your feet up and settle in for a tale that will keep you spell bound.  These four men ran spy operations, led missions to penetrate Nazi Germany, led OSS commando Raids behind enemy lines and mounted risky intelligence programs.  Mining thousands of once-secret World War II documents and interviewing scores of family members and CIA colleagues, Waller recreates their heroic war time deeds and missions and the read is exciting, amazing and breathtaking.   He then exposes their often calamitous operations and misdeeds as CIA directors.  These are true life adventures that will astound you in their complexity and the men will astound you in their daring and resolve.