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Beyond: Our future in space

book cover image: Beyond: Our future in space

Chris Impey is a University Distinguished Professor and his research interests are observational cosmology, gravitational lensing, and the evolution and structure of galaxies.

Impey's most recent work Beyond: Our Future in Space tells of us leaving home to thrive in the vast universe beyond earh.  This he forsees as happening in the foreseeable future. Impey predicts that advances will soon include viable colonies on the Moon and Mars and in 100 years humans born off-Earth will come of age without ever having visited humanity's home planet.  Impey is not talking science-fiction but making many predictions based on extending already available technologies.  This is a journey that Impey will take you on while he demonstrates that this is not just our future it is the birthright and destiny of generations to come.  With an impressive array of books to his credit he never fails to enthral, lure and entice the reader into dreams and visions of a future in space. 

Pat S.