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A great psychological thriller!

book cover image

I don't read thrillers all that often but Ruth Ware's In a dark, dark wood seemed to call to me. There's just something about a psychological thriller that makes the story that much more intriguing!

Nora has a secret. It's not a small secret, but the type that makes you move out of town at 16 and never see your best friend again. That is, until you are suddenly invited to her bachelorette party 10 years later.

Convincing herself that she has moved on, Nora agrees to attend the party that's taking place in the middle of nowhere; an isolated home deep within the woods.

Then Nora wakes up in the hospital....How did she get there? What happened? Why is there a policewoman guarding her door? And why did she overhear her referring to a murder?

The reader follows Nora as she attempts to regain her memory of the events. The pressure on her mounts as she realizes that she may just be the prime suspect. But she couldn't possibly have done it...or maybe she just doesn't remember doing it...

This was a fast-paced book and I simply couldn't put it down, devouring it in two days. The twists and turns throughout the book kept me guessing. As soon as I thought I knew what happened, something else would be introduced which made me doubt my previous theories.

With characters you love to hate, an intriguing narrative, and an unreliable narrator, this book is sure to please!