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Delightfully charming debut

book cover image

Be Frank with me by Julia Claiborne Johnson is an incredibly charming debut novel.

Decades ago Mimi Banning wrote a bestselling novel and became an instant success, but she quickly pulled away from the limelight. Now she has finally agreed to write a much anticipated second novel and her publisher has sent an assistant, Alice, to live with her. Alice is charged with monitoring Mimi's progress and helping her with anything she needs so that she can focus on writing her book.

Little did Alice know that her primary responsibility would be taking care of Mimi's 9-year-old son Frank. And Frank is a handful!

Frank is an eccentric genius who loves old movies and hates going to school. His wardrobe consists of various tuxedos, top hats, and wonderful accessories. He has two rules: never touch Frank, and never touch any of Frank's things.

Alice attempts to take care of Frank, ensure Mimi's book if progressing, and in her spare time she tries to solve the mystery surrounding Frank's absent father.

This book was absolutely charming! The story was humorous and heart-warming, and the characters were flawed yet loveable. It was a fun, entertaining read and the writing flowed so nicely that I couldn't put the book down. It was a leisurely read but quite captivating!

I would definitely add this one to your "to-be-read" pile!