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How to Have a Good Day

book cover image: how to have a good day

Caroline Webb's new book How to Have a Good Day: Harness the Power of Behavioural Science to Transform your working life  is absolutely packed with great information.  Webb explains how to apply the advances in the behavioural sciences to our everday lives, especially our work lives.  She divides this work into seven sections so you can read from start to finish or jump right in to an area where you may feel you want some immediate insights such as part 3 - Making the most of your relationships.   Through it all Webb teaches us how to navigate the typical challenges of modern workplaces from conflict with colleagues to dull meetings and overflowing inboxes.  The book mostly applies to people working in an office at a desk but the material transfers over to other occupations and can also be applied to your personal life. Most importantly this is a fun and easy to read book.  I highly recommend it.