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What is Coupons for Hunger?

Coupons for Hunger

Coupons for Hunger is a program that helps Londoners who are facing food insecurity.

It works in three steps:

   Step 1 Bring your extra coupons to any London Public Library branch and drop them off.

Look for the donation sign (above), or ask library staff about the location of the donation box.

          What kind of coupons are needed?

Bring coupons for food, household items, personal hygiene items, and pet supplies.

   Step 2 Our wonderful volunteers, including Mary Jane (left), and Mary (right), sort the coupons that you drop off.

   Step 3 Coupons For Hunger members pick up the coupons and get shopping: moving closer to their goal of $1 million in donated groceries to the London Food Bank and other local charities, including Mission Services and Women’s Community House.

For more information about the program, you can visit their website at:, their Facebook page, or follow them on Twitter @Coupons4Hunger