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"How can you love someone you don't remember?"

What a powerful book! The things we keep by Sally Hepworth is such a touching story. Although it is about a woman dealing with Alzheimer's, it is ultimately about life and love, and how the two are so utterly intertwined.

Anna is in her late 30's and has been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's. Having witnessed her mother suffer from the same illness she admits herself to Rosalind House, a small assisted living home which caters almost exclusively to the elderly. This is where Anna meets Luke, who has been diagnosed with dementia and is the only other young person living in the home.

As the book progresses the reader witnesses both the development of Anna and Luke's relationship as well as Anna's gradual descent as her illness takes a greater hold on her. As half of the book is told in Anna's perspective it provides unique insight into the challenges and frustrations of someone dealing with such a disease. I found these sections to be particularly touching.

Although this book is quite sad, it is also incredibly uplifting. The story is very well told and I think a lot of reader's will be able to relate to the issues dealt with in the book in some form or another. This book is sure to touch your heart!