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The Promise of Francis

book cover image: the promise of Francis

Sex crimes. Cover-ups. Financial scandal.  No, it is not the prelude to a new mystery thriller.  It is just some of the ingredients of a twenty-first century crisis in the Vatican.  One would expect such a crisis would lead to the election of a conservative pope aimed at taking a strong bureaucratic approach to resolving these issues

Instead, they elected Francis, a pope who stirred millions to faith again through his frank speeches and benevolent beliefs. With the Church in a greater state of flux than the world has ever seen Francis's words and deeds have enchanted, entertained and have had a stunning impact on the Catholic Church.

David Willey's new book The promise of Francis : the man, the pope, and the challenge of change  tells the story of how this unlikely man came from "the end of the world" to lead the world's largest corporation into the future.

The story of Pope Francis is moving, inspirational and raisies hopes and expectations for both Catholics and the Catholic Church. This is a not to be missed account of a great man, the future he will lead us into and the legacy he will leave behind.