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Is he Spock?

book cover image: Leonard: my fifty-year friendship wit a remarkable man

Most people will recognize the name Spock and a large proportion of them will recognize the name Leonard Nimoy. Nimoy wrote a book in 1975 titled "I am not Spock" but in 1995 he wrote another book titled "I am Spock".  While Nimoy remains "not Spock" as Spock is a purely fictional  character he "is Spock" because he brought to our lives a character known and loved by billions of people around the world.  They are one and the same.  During the half-century that cemented Spock as persona that we knew (one of the fifty greatest TV characters of all time) a bond was forged between Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner (Captain Kirk - but I am sure you knew that) that saw them through personal and professional highs and lows and created a relationship riveled by few friendships.  William Shatner's new book Leonard : my fifty-year friendship with a remarkable man brings you into their personal and professional worlds for a glimpse at this remarkable man and this remarkable relationship.  Shatner presents a full picture of the rich life of Leonard Nimoy from his experiences with him mixed with others who knew Nimoy well.   The story is well told, readable, heart-warming and full of anecdotes and stories of their co-joined lives on and off set.  So, jump in the transporter and beam yourself into a comfy chair for a great read.