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Poetry London Contest 2nd place winner Erin Walker

london, night poem vid clip

Erin J. Walker is a London writer, concept artist, editor, and director. Her poem London, night was recently awarded 2nd place in Poetry London’s annual contest. She is also the winner of the 2015 Brickenden Award for Outstanding Original Script for her play Shadfly. Erin is co-artistic director of Tinkerspace Theatre. You can find out more about Tinkerspace at, as well as follow them on Twitter (@Tinker_Space) and Facebook. Take a moment to listen to Erin read her poem!

london, night poem

London, night

On the second night, London is
lukewarm wind and emptied sidewalks.

Out the windshield, stolen street names and the
thousand yellow window glows
recede to cricket stillness.

Behind the university
the deer’s eyes
flash in the high beams.

I drive through your collected hours as
a ghost, witnessing eternal bedtime.

London is a preview, watched alone
in a darkened cinema.

Even the projectionist
is looking the other way.

Erin J. Walker

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