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Poetry London Contest: David Huebert


National Poetry Month Banner

Take a moment to read David Huebert’s poem Grate, Dundas St., which recently received an honourable mention in Poetry London’s annual contest.

David Huebert is the author of the poetry collection We Are No Longer The Smart Kids In Class (Guernica 2015). In 2015, his fiction won The Antigonish Review's Sheldon Currie Fiction Prize and The Dalhousie Review's short story contest. David's poetry has recently appeared in Event, CV2, Poetry is Dead, and Prairie Fire. He is currently working on a PhD in the English department at Western. Visit him at or follow him on Twitter @davidhuebert.



Grate, Dundas St.

Face a Christmas of marquee light,
you stood on transplant streets, watched
grated steam rising eerie, rising slow.

Followed that shudder-still tornado and
dreamt a secret city in the depths: engines
boring and you diving weightless, diving low

through granite chasms, through wastelands
of steam. You saw stalagmites weeping,
saw black tears oozing wearily below.

A child among the drilling minions
raised a hand—one finger, one thumb,
three stumps churning the underglow.

The child became a man, holding out
that hand for change and you went slack,
dreamsick, heard yourself muttering no.

You walked away thumbing change—what
change could sack a secret city, turn fingers
into lizard tails, help coral labyrinths grow?

Like stitches melting into wounds you saw
the bridges and the dams dissolve, watched
concrete wilt, rode the rivers’ rage and flow.

David Huebert

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