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Polish Film Festival 2016 rescheduled for June- two locations outside of the library

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Polish Film Festival 2016 has been rescheduled for June and will be held in two alternative venues due to the Central Library renovation. We will start on Saturday, June 4th in the community room in Polish Catholic Church on 419 Hill Street at 6:15 pm with the film by Jan Jakub Kolski Serce, serduszko. This film tells a story of an 11 years old girl, Maszenka, who is in a foster care after  her mother's death and her father's inability to provide adequate care. Maszenka dreams about a ballet career and one day she runs away, together with her eccentric tutoress Kordula to travel across Poland to Gdansk for the exam to ballet school. During this adventurous journey they are meeting many interesting people. This nice family movie is worth watching even for the great roles of the two main characters: Maszenka played by Marysia Blandzi and Kordula – by Julia Kijowska and beautiful pictures of Polish countryside.

This film is the only one without English subtitles. We apologize for any inconvenience.

The rest of the screening schedule :

All the following films have English subtitles

LOCATION: Western University campus, International and Graduate Affairs Building (old Ivy school),Department of Film Studies Faculty of Arts and Humanities room 3B04 (3rd floor).Entrance from Kent Dr.

7:15 PM, Thursday, June 9 –One Way Ticket to the Moon/Bilet na ksiezyc by Jacek Bromski

7:15 PM, Thursday, June 16 – Journey to Rome/Droga do Rzymu/Cesta do Rima by Tomasz Mielnik

7:15 PM, Thursday, June 23 – Life Feels Good/Chce sie zyc by Maciej Pieprzyca

LOCATION: 419 Hill Street - Community room in the Our Lady of Czestochowa Polish Catholic Church. Free Parking

6:15 PM, Saturday, June 25 – Warsaw 44/Miasto 44 by Jan Komasa

Parking is Free at both locations

The event is FREE, no registration needed

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