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A great book for lazy gardeners

fine gardening

I have got to admit -  I might be the laziest gardener in the city, perhaps the province.  I draw the line at the country - there has to be at least a few gardeners lazier than me. At least this is what I tell myself. You see this is the thing - I love the idea of gardening, I love looking at gardens and I love going to garden centres where I buy up all kinds of cool plants and vegetable startings.  I then slowly, over the next few weeks tend to kill them.

I forget to water them.  Or, I get all gardeney (let's pretend that is a word) and I pretty much drown the poor things.  I pay no attention to whether they prefer sun or shade, sandy or earthy soil. I throw seeds where I see a bare patch and hope for the best.   My personal motto has been if it's a seed or plant it should be able to take care of itself.  The last few years have taught me this in not the case.

I tried reading many library books on growing vegetables and plants, after all I work at the library.  This didn't help.  While fun to read the work part was, well, like, too much work.  This was the year I was going to quit and just admit - I am not a gardener.

But, all is not lost.  Just as I was throwing in the towel I found a copy of a brand new  gardening book for beginners.  Honestly, it could be sub-titled for lazy, hate to work gardeners. 

The editors and contributors of Fine gardening bring you Fine gardening easy-to-grow vegetables : greens, tomatoes, peppers & more and believe me if they can resurrect me from the bottom of the pit of hopeless gardeners they can really help you turn your garden into something grand.  I will make notes this week on my borrowed copy and get it back in circulation as you have got to read this one.  I feel all "gardeney" again. Happy gardening everyone.