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A water superpower

book cover image: let there be water : Israel's olutin for a water-starved world

Seth Siegel's book Let there be water: Israel's solution for a water-starved world caught me off guard.  Often, when I have a glass of water, and I savour good clean water with no added colours or flavour, I give thanks and say a prayer for the millions of people that struggle, daily, to find fresh water.  Nevertheless, if someone had asked me to guess which country is referred to as a "water superpower" the country of Israel would not have sprung to mind.  With 60 percent of its country made of desert and often hostile neighbours  I would have guessed that it more likely deals with struggles for fresh water.  I couldn't be more wrong. Israel has not only solved its water problem it daily supplies water to its neighbours and is helping to forge diplomatic ties and promote unity with other countries through sharing of its water technology advances.   Water is such an indispensible  resource that we can, in fact we must, learn from Israel who leads the world in water technology.   Everyone of us can benefit by learning what Israel did to overcome daunting challenges to overcome their own water shortages and then to emerge even farther on the scale to become a supplier, teacher, instructor in water technology.

Grab this book.  Learn how the often offbeat inventors enabled Israel to master this cutting  edge technology and see where, in here, you can have a voice to become part of the solution to a global problem that knows no geographical or social boundaries.