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Windows 10

Windows 10 book

If you use a PC you are possibly already using Windows 10.  If not, you soon will be as Microsoft transitions to the one operating system for all their computers and stops providing support for previous versions. Right now  the update is free. Just go to the Microsoft web site, scroll down and click on the free upgrade. Then, sign out Andy Rathbone's Windows 10 for Dummies or Paul McFedries Teach yourself visually Windows 10.  They will walk you through familiarizing yourself with this new system including performing day-to-day tasks, working with multimedia, maintaining windows, working with apps and customizing your computer.

Just so you know - the upgrade is not immediate as they get hundreds of thousands of requests.  You fill in the application and then Microsoft takes over.  If I recall correctly it might take upwards of a week before they get to you but once you fill in the application you get the free upgrade even if the expiry date passes. 

Windows 10 is actually kind of fun.  These books will make you a pro in no time.