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No dog should die alone

book cover image: my old dog

Now that is a headline that grabs attention.  As it should.  Shelters are filled with adoptable pets and the shelter staff know and we know that older dogs, sadly, have less of a chance of finding a new home. Laura T. Coffey's book My old dog : rescued pets with remarkable second acts shows that old dogs - while a bit slower and less exuberant - will bring you immeasurable joy, earnest devotion and unconditional love.  No dog should die alone was the attention-grabbing title of her TODAY SHOW website story about photographer Lori Fusaro's work with senior shelter pets.  The book will introduce you to some of the many wonderful animals that have been rescued from spending their declining years abandoned to a shelter.   Amazingly, one of them is the last known surviving search dog from Ground Zero.  It is only fitting that someone finds him.  Even George Clooney, who could certainly afford any dog he wanted, chose a senior dog from a shelter.  They say that money can't buy you love but with a small amount put toward the rescue of a senior dog you will soon find that is not true. House and home, whether you are a family living together or a single person living alone, you will be enriched in so many ways. Once you do adopt, another idiom that will be quickly be debunked is "you can't teach an old dog new tricks".  My old dog : rescued pets with remarkable second acts attests to the fact that even old dogs can learn new tricks.  Adopting a senior dog  is proof in the pudding.