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Your First Garden

book cover image: your first garden a landscape primer for new home owners

Judith Adam's latest book Your first garden : a landscape primer for new home owners is a highly readable road map for new homeowners and neophyte gardeners.  Though she is specifically targeting new homeowners in sterile, still-to-be-landscaped suburbs she is simultaneously helping established lawn owners with identifying a personal garden style.  Learn how to assess your land space and get advice on which plants will work best in different shade areas and soils.  There are great tips on selecting plants and where you should put them to optimize colour, balance and scale.

This book is really a great primer and you will get tips on everything from selecting and planning to pruning.  If you are staring at bare or empty spaces or perhaps looking to buy a place that has bare and empty spaces you need this gardening book.  If you have established a garden and think it needs a bit of help in colour, layout and design this also is a noteworthy book.  Plan your garden and spend years enjoying your garden.