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The Must-Read Thriller of the Summer!

Kristen and I Let You Go book

I read a LOT of pychological suspense novels, so when I hear the words "shocking plot twist," I usually take them with a grain of salt. But in the case of Claire MacKintosh's I Let You Go, the promise of a wild plot twist was completely justified!
A mother lets go of her son's hand on a dark and rainy afternoon and he runs into the street in front of a car. In an instant, the unthinkable happens and lives are forever altered. After the accident, Jenna Gray leaves behind the painful memories of the accident and flees to a small Welsh town by the sea to live in solitude with her grief and guilt. But a dark figure from her past is searching for Jenna - someone who won't rest until she is found. Meanwhile, two police investigators hit one dead end after another trying to solve the case of the accident. As they are drawn further and further into the mystery, their mounting frustration and desperation to solve the case leads them to places they never thought they would go.
Part police procedural, part psychological suspense, with a twisty-turny plot that will keep you guessing long after you read the last page, I Let You Go is sure to be the must-read thriller of the summer! If you loved The Girl on the Train or Gone Girl, I Let You Go is the book for you!
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