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Conversations with the Artist Philip Aziz


Conversations with the Artist

As Western University's first full-time Lecturer in Art, from 1950-1955, Philip Aziz has left his mark in London in many ways. Kym Wolfe's book includes stories and pictures of Aziz's life in London: from his dramatic, self-initiated removal from St. Martin's elementary school (and subsequent move to Wortley Road Public School), to the glowing words of his principal at H.B. Beal Secondary School for his "artistic ability". You'll also find pictures of his art and architecture projects, and his memories of some of the art world's biggest names. Like Salvador Dali's comment when attending one of Aziz's exhibitions: "you paint in egg tempera. Very difficult -- I cannot. You are a good artist."

Hear more of Wolfe's stories of Philip Aziz at Terrific Tales of London, June 28 at 7pm, at Cherryhill Library Branch.