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The Nest

The Nest

The Nest is a light, entertaining read that examines money, family and how the ties that bind us can both hold us close and shackle us together.


On a cold afternoon in New York, four adult siblings meet for lunch. The topic of discussion: their shared inheritance, whimsically called the Nest. A trip to rehab for Leo, the "black sheep" youngest brother, has led to a decrease in the Nest's value, and the three other siblings are in a panic. Each has their own reasons for wanting to get their hands on the cash. Melody has a crushing mortgage, two daughters on their way to college, and most importantly, a reputation to uphold. Jack's antique business is failing and he has taken out a secret mortgage on his summer property - a fact that he is hiding from his husband. Bea has squandered the advance for a book she cannot seem to write. Now they are all relying on Leo to repay his debts and get them out of trouble - but can Leo pull it off? Told from alternating viewpoints, this debut novel is at once funny and heartwrenching.


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