"The Girls" Has The Buzz This Summer!

The Girls

If there’s one book that’s generating a lot of buzz this summer, it’s Emma Cline’s The Girls. Loosely based on a certain infamous Californian cult of the 1960’s, this book follows teenager Evie Boyd as she is swept up in the thrall of a new and mysterious group of friends.

Like many teenage girls, Evie is bored of her life, sick of her friends and angry at her parents, who are in the midst of a divorce. A chance encounter with a group of strange, exotic girls leads Evie to the Ranch, a commune headed by a charismatic leader. One of the girls in particular, Suzanne, becomes Evie’s mentor, and Evie soon drifts away from her mundane life into a world of drugs, drinking and sex. Fixated on Suzanne and eager to be accepted, Evie’s life becomes increasingly dangerous, and she must decide how far she is willing to go.

And here’s a little bit of trivia: this book spawned a bidding war between TWELVE publishing houses, ending in a three book deal for Emma Cline with Random House. Read more about that here!

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