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The story of Ujjal Dosanjh

book cover image: journey after midnight

In Journey after midnight : India, Canada and the road beyond you will literally follow the life journey of Ujjal Dosanjh from a poor child in rural India to Canadian Attorney General and then Premier of British Columbia.  Ujjal is the first person of Indian descent to hold these offices and he tells his story with warmth and compassion.  It was not an easy journey as he held many menial jobs - making crayons, car parts and hauling lumber to pay for his education. With hard work and perseverance he earned his B.A. (Simon Fraser University) and then his law degree at the University of British Columbia.  One could say he really worked this hard for others.  From the early years in Canada he was a social justice advocate fighting for the rights of farm and domestic workers and to this day continues to rail against injustice and corruption wherever it is happening in the world.

Some say one person cannot make a difference.  Some say a person cannot rise above their birth station.  Ujjal Dosanjh is living proof that these platitudes do not hold water.  This is a man with passion, commitment and fortitude. We can all take inspiration from his story.