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Local History 45 rpm

book cover image A DJ's Spin

London Free Press journalist James Reaney says "Dick Williams has loomed tall in my London for at least 50 years." The radio star, known as the Tall One, emceed the first big rock concert for Reaney.

That would be U.S. folk rockers The Byrds headlining at the old London Arena on June 21, 1966. Part of the pleasure, Reaney says, is imagining the 145 tracks — as Williams labels each mini-chapter — being read in his mellow-with-a-witty-edge voice.

A DJ’s Spin follows Williams through such highs as being a star on the old CFPL-AM 980 in the 1960s to career uncertainties when he was trying to host CFPL-TV’s Act Fast.

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